The Demystification of Hypnosis

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I have been so immersed in the world of hypnosis for such a long time that I forget how weird it is for some people. Hypnosis is just weird. A valid opinion for those who don’t fully understand what hypnosis really is and how it works.

One of my goals as a consulting hypnotist at Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon, is to focus on the demystification of hypnosis for as many people as I can, on a regular basis. I have spent the last 4 years offering free lectures about hypnosis, I have written dozens of articles about hypnosis, and I have educated and informed each of my clients about hypnosis and how it works. As mentioned above, I have been so immersed in the world of hypnosis for such a long time that I forget there are still many people who just think it’s weird. » Read the rest of this entry «

What Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

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For many people, fear of the unknown can keep them from making the decision to incorporate hypnosis into their lives as a vehicle for personal change. In this article, I have demystified the fear of the unknown by describing exactly what a hypnosis session at Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon looks like. This article describes how I conduct a session. While the details will be unique to my practice, the overall structure will be similar with most clinical hypnotists.

Most of us know what to expect when we go to a new dentist, a new doctor, or to be fitted for glasses. However, most people don’t know what happens at a hypnosis session. Some clients arrive with a healthy skepticism, and an open mind. Others feel nervous, maybe intimidated, or even a bit afraid of what is going to happen, not knowing what to expect. Then there are those who arrive with a heightened state of curiosity and adventure and just want to see what happens in hypnosis. » Read the rest of this entry «

Can I Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

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Weight loss is one of the most common reasons clients come to Intuitive Hypnosis of Portland. It’s often the “last resort” for those who have tried diet after diet either having great but short term success, or, no success at all. They ask what my success rate is and I tell them that regardless of my success rate, they can increase the odds of their success if the following statements are true for them.

  • I am willing to change my behavior to achieve my health and fitness goals.
  • I am willing to give up the benefits of being overweight.
  • I have a plan and I’m ready to implement it; or, I would like your advice about developing a plan that will work for me.
  • I am willing to clean out my cupboards and purge any foods that are not part of my new eating habits.
  • I am willing to participate in some kind of exercise routine at least 5 days/week, forever.
  • I want to be healthy and fit, and I will do what it takes to achieve that goal. » Read the rest of this entry «

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