Hypnosis and the Fear of Public Speaking

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The mere thought of standing in front of a group to present an idea or to deliver a speech can strike terror in the hearts of even the most confident of individuals. Fear of public speaking is called by many terms like speech anxiety, stage fright, fear of speaking, performance anxiety, and includes everything from standing on the stage speaking to a large audience, to answering a question in a meeting, or speaking to your boss one-on-one.

For those who suffer with the fear of public speaking, “glossophobia,” the results can be devastating. According to the Speech Topics Help, Advice and Ideas website, the fear of public speaking can have severe negative effects on careers. Workplace public speaking starts with the job interview, and for some, experiencing extreme anxiety symptoms during an interview can result in an inaccurate assessment of their ability to perform on the job. » Read the rest of this entry «

Phobias and Hypnosis

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What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?  A fear response is generally a spontaneous “on the spot” reaction to a stimulus or situation. A phobic response on the other hand generally results in a variety of physical manifestations such as an elevated heart rate, shallow breathing, sweaty clammy hands, shaky voice, dizziness, a feeling of suffocation or inability to breathe. A phobic response genuinely feels like life or death for many people. Often, this response can be triggered by the mere thought of, or even a photograph of the stimulus. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Use of Hypnosis for Medical Procedures

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Hypnosis is often used instead of, or in conjunction with anesthesia, for a variety of medical procedures. In this report, which appeared on the CBS Health Watch segment of the Early Show, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/04/22/earlyshow/health/main4033962.shtml hypnotherapist Alex Lenkel volunteers to go under the knife for a surgical procedure on his hand, completely free of anesthesia.

Dental hypnosis is also very popular, and can aide patients who suffer anxiety in the dentist’s chair in addition to reducing or completely eliminating pain. Hypnosis is a great advantage for those allergic to Novocain, those who suffer with needle phobias, and those who suffer with hemophilia.

It is also becoming more and more popular to use hypnosis during childbirth, and yes, it is possible to have a completely painless childbirth! » Read the rest of this entry «

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