How Stress Affects Our Health, and How Hypnosis Can Help

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We as humans have evolved with a fight, flight, or freeze response to protect us from external threats. Did you know that this same fight, flight, or freeze response occurs even with perceived threats? Have you ever wondered what happens inside your body when you are in the grips of a perceived threat? And more importantly, do you understand the long term consequences of being under stress from a perceived threat? Our subconscious mind is not capable of evaluating a threatening situation in order to determine the degree or source of the threat. In other words, the signals sent out to our body are the same whether we are being chased by a bear or we have a deadline at work. By misperceiving our environment we fall victim to our biology. Stress is stress. We recover quite well from short term intermittent stresses, but long term repetitive stress can create havoc within our bodies, minds, and emotions, not to mention the ill effects it can have on our relationships with friends, family members and/or coworkers. » Read the rest of this entry «

Can I Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

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Weight loss is one of the most common reasons clients come to Intuitive Hypnosis of Portland. It’s often the “last resort” for those who have tried diet after diet either having great but short term success, or, no success at all. They ask what my success rate is and I tell them that regardless of my success rate, they can increase the odds of their success if the following statements are true for them.

  • I am willing to change my behavior to achieve my health and fitness goals.
  • I am willing to give up the benefits of being overweight.
  • I have a plan and I’m ready to implement it; or, I would like your advice about developing a plan that will work for me.
  • I am willing to clean out my cupboards and purge any foods that are not part of my new eating habits.
  • I am willing to participate in some kind of exercise routine at least 5 days/week, forever.
  • I want to be healthy and fit, and I will do what it takes to achieve that goal. » Read the rest of this entry «

The Use of Hypnosis for Medical Procedures

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Hypnosis is often used instead of, or in conjunction with anesthesia, for a variety of medical procedures. In this report, which appeared on the CBS Health Watch segment of the Early Show, hypnotherapist Alex Lenkel volunteers to go under the knife for a surgical procedure on his hand, completely free of anesthesia.

Dental hypnosis is also very popular, and can aide patients who suffer anxiety in the dentist’s chair in addition to reducing or completely eliminating pain. Hypnosis is a great advantage for those allergic to Novocain, those who suffer with needle phobias, and those who suffer with hemophilia.

It is also becoming more and more popular to use hypnosis during childbirth, and yes, it is possible to have a completely painless childbirth! » Read the rest of this entry «

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