Starting Over with the Help of Hypnosis

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Starting Over with the Help of Hypnosis – A guest post by Caroline East, Consulting Hypnotist, on the use of hypnosis to manage the stress of change.

Starting Over: The act of recovering from, or adjusting to, an event which has affected one’s life in such a manner that life never returns to its previous state of “normal”.

The one common factor, no matter how varied the circumstance, is that each one of us, at multiple times in our lives, experiences an event, or events, which causes us to have to “start over.”

The most common events are: Birth of a baby, loss of a loved one, marriage, divorce, a traumatic event, surviving a long-term or serious illness, being diagnosed with a devastating illness, losing a job, starting a new job, moving, or changing careers.

All of these events, viewed either as positive or negative, generate stress by causing our life to veer off track in a different direction. We struggle through the transition, often floundering, trying to adapt to the changes that come with life’s new direction. Sometimes we can use help to deal with the stress related to “starting over.”

Do these common symptoms resonate with you: Fatigue, grief, focus and flexibility, pain, fear, performance anxiety (job, sports or academic)? I see, and address, these issues daily in my practice as a consulting hypnotist at Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon.

Working With a Consulting Hypnotist

The consulting hypnotist is trained to help their clients navigate the murky waters of transition and eliminate the internal chaos by assisting the client in defining their needs and desires.

Anxiousness and stress, a common result of change, is the number one reason people seek the services of consulting hypnotists. Other common reasons are weight loss and smoking cessation, but the truth is that many of life’s everyday problems can be addressed and resolved with the guidance of a consulting hypnotist.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective and efficient methods for affecting behavioral and cognitive change in an individual. It is a very natural state that all of us go in and out of daily, sometimes without even realizing it. Hypnosis is merely a deeply relaxed state with a targeted focus. It is completely safe and there are no side effects or unpleasant aftereffects.

The consulting hypnotist, after getting clear on the client’s desired ultimate outcome, crafts positive statements, called suggestions, which describe most clearly that desired outcome. As the subconscious mind hears and absorbs these carefully worded suggestions, it processes the message in images. Therefore it is imperative that the language chosen is spoken in clear, positive terms which are initiated and controllable by the client. Goal completion should be within a reasonably short-term time frame.

After the suggestions have been created, the consulting hypnotist begins the hypnosis. Many consulting hypnotists record the session to give to the client for continued listening. The key to success is reinforcing the suggestions. This is accomplished by listening to the session daily for at least two weeks.

By listening daily one is literally creating new neural pathways in the brain, strengthening and reinforcing the updated thinking. The old outdated thoughts and habits, which no longer serve a purpose, eventually fade and dissipate.

Through the use of hypnosis the transition, “starting over,” has become manageable and much less intimidating. Suddenly the change in life’s direction can be embraced, with the client confident that they have empowered themselves to manage change!

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