Mindfulness, Self-Knowledge, and Hypnosis

May 15th, 2013 Comments Off on Mindfulness, Self-Knowledge, and Hypnosis

Mindfulness, self-knowledge, and hypnosis – Hypnosis can be used to create and reinforce the habit of mindfulness, which in turn allows you to get to know yourself from a new perspective.

Nobody knows us as well as we know ourselves, but have you ever really considered how well you know yourself? What would you say if I told you that for the first six to seven years of your life, your subconscious mind was downloading all the experiences that you witnessed other people having, as your own, in addition to the experiences you were having? It explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve wondered why you are the way you are, why you have certain values or beliefs. Often times, when we think about it, our conscious mind doesn’t always agree with the way our values and beliefs manifest in our daily lives. So what gives? Can the practice of mindfulness really help us learn more about ourselves? According to Know Thyself: How Mindfulness Can Improve Self-Knowledge mindfulness CAN help us gain a more accurate perspective on our thoughts and behaviors.

Mindfulness is a prominent part of my work with clients at Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon. I use it as a part of my own personal practice, to get out of my own way so I can be open to what my clients really need. And, I teach mindfulness as a means of releasing negative thinking patterns that often manifest in procrastination, self doubt, worry, fear, substance abuse, depression, and more.

Mindfulness is very simple at it’s core. It’s nothing more than paying attention to your current experience (e.g., thoughts, feelings) and observing them in a non-judgmental manner. As you focus on your current experience, you become aware of how most of your thoughts revolve around past and future, and are really NOT relevant to the current situation.

Hypnosis is a simple way to expedite the habit of mindfulness, and good habits are a good thing.

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