Intuitive Hypnosis Gets a Blog!

November 14th, 2012 Comments Off on Intuitive Hypnosis Gets a Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I will be posting on a wide range of topics that I believe will be relevant to anyone with an interest in hypnosis, self empowerment, self-improvement, mind/brain, behavior change, goal setting, motivation, etc. Some of the posts I will write myself, others will be comments on articles of interest found elsewhere on the Web. I encourage you to comment on posts and let me know whether you liked it or not, whether you agreed or disagreed, etc. I also invite suggestions for topics you’d like me to cover.

Debbie Taylor MA, CHt, CI

A word from my web developer (husband): This blog is temporarily being integrated into the existing Intuitive Hypnosis site. I’ve attempted to make sure it works properly but inevitably real world usage reveals things not previously discovered. If you have any problems with any aspect of the website, including the blog, please let me know via the contact form. Thanks!

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