Choices and Illusions – by Eldon Taylor

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Monday was the official launch date of the newly edited, revised and expanded hardcover version of Eldon Taylor’s New York Times Best-Seller Choices and Illusions – How did I get where I am, and how do I get where I want to be? The updated release of Choices and Illusions comes with Unlimited Personal Power – a free InnerTalk subliminal CD designed to reprogram your mind with energizing affirmations for success, confidence and creativity.As an active consulting hypnotist, I thoroughly enjoy the study of our minds and how they work. I found this to be a VERY thought-provoking book. Eldon raises some excellent points regarding consciousness and mind. He has a unique and humorous writing style that I like. The topic makes this book one of those that are hard to put down once you find yourself engaged in the inner dialogue stimulated  by Eldon’s thoughts and the visual imagery that pops up as you’re reading. He does a good job using  analogies and comparisons with everyday life.

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