About HypnoBytes

What is HypnoBytes and who is behind it?

HypnoBytes is a series of articles dedicated to exploring the practical applications and benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is written by me, Debbie Taylor, certified hypnotherapist and certified hypnosis instructor. I hold a current teaching certification with the state of Oregon, a Masters degree in Organizational Management, and have over 20 years experience working with children and families in public and private education as both a teacher and principal. As the owner of Intuitive Hypnosis, in Portland, Oregon, I have expanded my ability to help others by utilizing hypnosis to assist people in empowering themselves to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance in sports, academics, and much more. I am also pleased to announce the formation of the Portland School of Hypnosis where I train and certify other hypnotists.

Photo of Debbie Taylor, author of HypnoBytes and owner of Intuitive Hypnosis in Portland, Oregon.

Why blog?

I never really thought I’d be writing a blog, and couldn’t imagine what I’d have to say that anyone might want to read. However, after more than 3 years as a clinical hypnotherapist at Intuitive Hypnosis I now realize that I have so many things I want to share with each client. One of my challenges when working with clients is to convey everything I want to them in a relatively short time period. Hence, I now have a purpose for my blog!

It is my wish, my intent, with this blog to use this as a means of communicating and disseminating information to my clients, and of course to anyone else interested in hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy. There are so many wonderful uses for hypnosis, so many different approaches, and so much to learn all the time.

My hope is to stimulate lively conversation about hypnosis and the many areas of life that we can affect with it. It is my intent to post a variety of opinions and references that I find relevant to the topics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and that are, hopefully, interesting to my readers. In return, I welcome a sharing of resources, ideas, and questions from each of you. I look forward to our interactions with each other here on HypnoBytes.

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